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Become a History Maker Today!

Joining History Fort Lauderdale helps bring to life our community's story.

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Become a History Maker Today!

At History Fort Lauderdale, we believe we are all part of a greater story. A story woven in time and made up of family memories, milestones and society's progress forward. We are honored to be a member of the Fort Lauderdale community and to have the responsibility of preserving our rich history and inspiring future generations.

In 2022, History Fort Lauderdale is celebrating its 60th anniversary. We were established in 1962 as the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society and believe that a sense of history is fundamental to understanding human experience. Throughout the years, we have collected, preserved and shared priceless stories, materials and exhibits. We take great pride in our mission to bring the stories of our diverse community to life through educational experiences, cultural exhibits, research, and preservation for future generations.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We look forward to learning about yours and sharing our history, together!